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Benefits of free proxy site

Why Use A Proxy?

Whenever you surf the internet your IP address is being logged by every website you visit. A simple check of web logs will show the IP address of everyone that visited a particular website. These logs can be kept for years, and can send a trace back to you! It's not a matter of just covering your tracks as most of us have nothing to hide, it's a matter of privacy. Your right to privacy is being compromised when browsing without a proxy.

Web-based Proxies

A web-based proxy is a service that allows you to bypass your own internet provider and browse using the proxy web-based website. All that you have to do is type the website address you would like to visit in the form they provide and start browsing. Once you keep browsing using that form, you are protected and your real IP address is not being logged. There are many web-based proxies to choose from. Start browsing using the featured selection.

Best Web Proxies

If you are behind internet filters put by your government or school or college then just click on any of these proxy sites and you will be able to unblock your favorite sites using these proxies.

A web proxy acts as a middleman, or intermediary, between a user accessing the web and a website. In the context of using the Web, proxies are a way of accessing the web that provides another layer of anonymity. The basic way that proxies work is to mask the user's information from the sites they are attempting to access, which helps with hiding the user's identity.

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